I’m Katie. Wife, mother, foodie, coffee and wine lover, self appointed Chief Nut Butter Slut and Queen of the Big Arse Salad.

Welcome fucking legends, I’m delighted you’re here. Now I know you’re not fucking silly, you don’t need me to tell you to ‘eat better’, we all bloody know we’re meant to do that. What you probably do want to know is how to give healthy a bit of nipple tingling excitement, and I think I can help…

What qualifications to I have to be dishing out advice on how or what to eat? Well officially, none. However, I am a bona-fide food lover and I’ve spent a good portion of my life fucking around and often fucking up, trying to figure out a way of eating that my body and taste buds can agree on. I’ve tried almost every miracle diet out there in the past, but none of them ever stuck because the fact is if there’s hard and fast rules they’re eventually going to be broken. These days I don’t have a label for the way I eat, I’ve found that the simple, but effective answer to long term success is just eating real goddam food most of the time, while still allowing room to enjoy the things you love some of the time without the need for justification or guilt. 

If you base your meals around fresh, whole food as a starting point you can’t really go too far wrong, and it doesn’t have to be complicated, time consuming, expensive or boring. I’m here to share what I enjoy which is which is minimum fucks (except for the ones that come out of my mouth, and often) and maximum flavour cooking to help you make some tasty motherfuggin’ meals along with a bit of light hearted, loose lipped entertainment on the side.