Rock on, Rockstars

While I was training at the gym this morning a mate told me I was looking fantastic (in a totally non-weird pervy way), which was a bit of a fucking ace thing to hear, when I eventually did hear it that is. The first three times (yes three, my head is that thick) I was pretty certain he'd said 'fat athlete'. I laughed my arse off when I realised what he was really saying, but it's a bit of a sad reflection on the way I'm sure many of us talk to ourselves. I'm not fat, I know that. Sure I have fat because I'm a fucking living breathing human being and a bit of fat is one of the basic requisites for survival, but I'm not what anyone would term 'fat' and yet that's what my brain defaulted to hearing.I know I'm not the only one who has those fucked up conversations with myself, standing in the mirror squeezing a bit of muffin here, poking a lump there, studying wrinkles and critiquing any number of perceived 'imperfections'. We say shit to ourselves that we'd never dream of saying to other people and I bet there very few of us who ever take the time to switch it up and actually say something good to ourselves instead. Like 'hey hotstuff, you're looking fly' or 'yo ninja, wicked training today' or just a simple 'you're a fucking awesome human being, keep shit that up'. But we should lavish little bit of self love occasionally, I'm not suggesting you get all Kimmy and Kanye on it (although lets be honest, if we're talking self love those two have got it fucking nailed!), but a we should all take a moment for a little bit of recognition for the efforts we make and the goals we tick off.So do yourself a favour, go find a mirror, give yourself a big thumbs up, a high five, and a congratulatory sporting bum tap then look that awesome individual in the eye and tell yourself you're ace, you're rocking it and you're doing a fucking fine job at life.Rock on