Hidden Veggie Chocolate Pancake

Choc omelette

Choc omelette

Mornings here are a bit like organised chaos, only with less of the organised bit and more of the total fucking chaos. I'm multi-tasking my tits off (metaphorically that is, I have no tits) trying to feed myself and the sproglets and it usually ends in tears for at least one of us - often me, crying into my empty coffee cup where all the life giving caffeine should be, or clinging desperately to my husband's leg begging him to take me with him as he tries to extricate himself and escape the madness to the magical adult land of 'work'.

And while that’s happening little Z is like a bloody split personality goldilocks demanding and promptly rejecting a long line up of menu options - the porridge is too wet, the berry smoothie is too pink, the yoghurt is too creamy, the banana is too open, before finally settling on a bowl of dry fucking oats. Then there’s the little guy who’s learning how to use a spoon, and while I give him full marks for determination and effort, his execution is complete arse so there’s inevitably at least one child, chair, table, wall and cat smeared in fucking yoghurt.

This cheeky chocolate beauty is my oasis of calm amongst the storm of fucking tantrums and thrown food, packed full of protein and hidden green veg it’s the perfect way to fuel me through the morning, starting with fending the bloody kids off my breakfast plate! 

Get this stuff

1 small zucchini (approx 150 grams)

2 eggs

30 grams protein powder (or sub in a couple of TBL of almond meal)

1-2 Tbl cacao or cocoa, depending on how dark you like it

1 tsp baking powder

1-2 tsp stevia or sweetener of your choice

Do this with it

With all the shit going on around me this has to be one of those easy as fuck recipes or it just wouldn't happen. So, throw everything in the blender and whiz to make a thick creamy batter.

Pour the lot into a greased pan, turn the heat down super low, cover and cook for about 8-10 minutes until the top is set and just firm.

Serve Mum style topped with tasty rejected scraps from your kids breakfast like yoghurt bowl dregs, abandoned berries and assorted nut butter scrapings.

If you're less lazy  or more organised than me you could also make this into smaller individual pancakes as well.