Paleo Waffles from a Post-Op Prisoner

Waffles 2

Waffles 2

Recently I had foot surgery that left me limping around on crutches for six weeks and basically rendered me a prisoner in my own home. For a stay at home mum who doesn't like to do much staying at home it pretty close to my own personal hell, having my mobility and independence seriously limited meant I was a woman on the edge. So when I woke up on a Saturday morning one week in with a sudden urge to own a waffle maker my husband was smart enough to be lining outside the appliance store clutching his credit card ready for opening time, poised to buy himself some brownie points, and no doubt some fucking peace!

So of course then I had to prove how much I really, really NEEDED this thing and make waffles, lots of fucking waffles, aaaaaallll the waffles. We've had sweet, savoury, veggie, banana, buckwheat and now these bad boys which I'm pretty certain are the pinnacle of my waffle making career and have totally justified the investment in yet another fucking kitchen gizmo. They're light, fluffy and yet just the right amount of crispy all at the same time. Delicious steaming hot straight out of the iron and the leftovers also make a damn tasty and handy kiddo snack eaten cold later on, although 'leftovers' are a bit of a mythical unicorn around here, I have to deliberately make an extra batch especially for 'ron.

And once I'd nailed the recipe I had to reward that top notch husband of mine for his never ending patience, so in an epic display of good wifing (in contrast to my epic display of stroppy bitching) I presented him with a sexy stack o' blueberry and chocolate waffs. Naturally he marvelled at my skills and then dumped 4 big rashers of bacon on top and I think in that moment I loved that big heathen just a little bit more. 

Get this stuff

2 eggs

2 Tbl coconut flour

2 Tbl almond flour/ meal

2 Tbl arrowroot/ tapioca flour

1/2 Tbl macadamia oil

4 Tbl almond milk

1/2 tsp baking powder

optional - 1 tsp granulated stevia or sweetener of choice

Extra oil to grease waffle pan 

Do this with it

Throw all the ingredients in the whiz and to a smooth batter.

Although my waffle iron is non-stick I never trust those fuckers so I like to give it a lick of coconut oil just to make sure and I reckon it also helps make that gorgeous golden, slightly crispy crust.

Pour in enough batter to coat the base then spread it around evenly with a spatula then close it to cook. Mine has a fancy pants knob that you can adjust for lighter or darker to tell you when your waffs are done, I like to completely disregard that stupid thing and just cook them for about 2 minutes until golden brown.

Remove and repeat with remaining mixture then top with all the good shit.  Personally I'm a sucker for a sweet stack and I love these piled with and orgy of guilt free goodies like Berry Berry Nice Raspberry Chia Jam, blueberries, Best Badass Nut Butter, cacao nibs, coconut and a dollop of my Paleo Protein Ice Cream purely because it's delicious and I fucking can.

I have a machine that has makes on big waffle made of five heart shaped segments and this mixture is enough to make about two well filled waffs so feel free to double (or triple, quadruple, I'm not judging, we're all friends here) as needed to suit your waffle maker, audience and appetite.

Waffles 1

Waffles 1