Nutty Macaroon Freezer Fudge

A truly terrible thing happened here the other day and I hate to admit that I was responsible. I'm not proud of it but I feel like taking ownership of the situation will be the first step to getting past it. There was no chocolate in the house and not only was it my fault, I'd done it on purpose. There, I said it and I hang my head in shame.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, since being out of action post-surgery I've deliberately left my beloved Lindt 90% off the shopping list, the rational being that while I'm not training hard I should probably reign in the treats for the sake of the seams of my jeans. And that's been fine, until I wanted it and then I really, really fucking wanted it and there as NONE, and my good idea quickly became a thoroughly shit idea!

But I am a woman of great resourcefulness, determination and most of all appetite so, after a small meltdown about the fucking massive chocolate drought, I set to work to rectify that shit and knocked together some Macaroon Freezer Fudge. And because I would hate for any of you to suffer through the misery that is no chocolate I'm sharing the recipe with you. Now let us never speak of this horror again.

Macaroon Freezer Fudge

Macaroon Freezer Fudge

Get this stuff

1/2C peanut butter

1C shredded coconut

2 Tbl cacao

2 Tbl coconut oil

1 Tbl rice malt syrup + 1 Tbl granulated stevia or 2 Tbl of sweetener of your choice

Do this with

Mix, press into a lined tin, freeze, chop enjoy x