Ice Cream and Introspection


Small confession. Since I bought my ice cream maker I've eaten ice cream pretty much every single day. I do yoga, then I sit on my mat with my scoop of lushness and enjoy the short lived silence and solitude of nap time before my darling monsters shatter it.And do I feel guilty about it? Do I fuck! I wasted way too much time and energy in my younger years feeling guilty about what, and how much I ate and punishing my slip ups with exercise to burn the calories, and the guilt off. And you know what, that's a fucking exhausting way to live, and it really didn't make me a lot of fun to be around. Now, I've finally reached a place where I can be more relaxed about food, I understand it's a way to nourish my body and exercise is a way to strengthen it, not punish it. I fully endorse eating well and moving your body daily because it feels good and because you deserve that, but you're not a dog, you don't need to earn your food in the gym. And you know why else I have not a jot of guilt about my daily hit of ice cream? Because it's fucking delicious, and it's made with real food ingredients right here in my kitchen, and it's hot as a motherfucker here today and 38 degree afternoons demand post-yoga ice cream, that's just logic. You can find the recipe for this bloody spectacular clean creamy frozen treat here including the new recipe variation for coffee, caramel and nut, and yes, it is as good as it sounds, maybe even better.three flavor ice cream