Desperate Times Carrot, Coconut & Apple Salad

Carrot Salad

Carrot Salad



Ah yes, there's nothing like opening the fridge at 5pm to contemplate dinner preparations only to find a whole lot of sweet fuck all after *someone* forgot to click go on the online grocery order...arse. I'm a brave woman, but there are a few things in life I'm just not willing to take on, and a trip to supermarket hell with two kids at feral o'clock falls firmly in the 'fuck that shit' category, so there are times when make do is what gets done.

Although I have to be honest, as the queen of the big arse salad when it comes to veggie supplies I am completely fucking ludicrious. I shop for armageddon every week, then routinely do the chicken little dance in front of the fridge 'the sky is falling, we're nearly out of veggies, we'll all get scurvy or starve and DIE! ('nearly' in veggie freak speak is what rational people would consider a weeks' supply). Given that neither of these eventualities has actually occurred yet I've begun to suspect my fears may be a bit unfounded.  And even when supplies really do get desperately low we always seem to have a carrot or two lingering around and despite it's penile properties (refer exhibit right) the humble orange root veg actually makes the basis for a pretty tasty salad, like this one which was borne out of desperation but has since become a regular favourite on the dinner menu here.

The dressing is a big part of the magic with this one. I was arse deep in a tahini obsession when I created this salad and the nutty, slightly sweet combo works really well to bring out all the flavours in the salad

Get this stuff


2 large carrots peeled and julienned or grated

1 apple, julienned - granny smith adds a nice tangy bite but any apple will do the trick

A couple of good handfuls of baby rocket, kale, spinach or whatever salad leaves you have on hand

1/2 C shredded coconut, quickly pan toasted if you're feeling fancy pants

1/3 C pepitas, likewise with the pan toasting

Optional extras: add a handful of raisins, goji berries, chopped dried dates or apricots for a little bit of extra interest and texture.


2 Tbl greek yogurt or coconut yoghurt if you prefer

2 Tbl tahini

1 Tbl rice malt syrup or maple syrup

1 Tbl apple cider vinegar

Juice of one lemon

A few grinds of salt

approx 4 Tbl or so of water to thin the dressing to your desired consistency

Optional: make it moroccan style by adding 1 tsp of ground cumin powder 

Do this with it

Toss the carrots, salad leaves, apple and coconut together in a large bowl.

Add all the dressing ingredients except the water into a jar and shake your groove thang. And the salad dressing. Check consistency and adjust with a little water at a time as required.

Drizzle, dollop, pour or plonk the dressing over the top in whatever artful fashion you're inspired to, then throw the pepitas over the top and the extra dried fruit if you're adding it.

One of my favourite protein sides to have with this is some sesame and coconut coated chicken breast tenders, but thigh cutlets or drumsticks work equally well. It also pairs well with dukkah crusted, baked firm white fish like ling or mahi mahi.

carrot salad and fish

carrot salad and fish