Moral Dilemma Mocha Mousse



I whipped this recipe up a while back and as soon as I sampled the mixture from the blender (quality testing, right?) I knew I had a moral dilemma on my hands. The thing is this shit is good, I mean really, seriously good. Smooth, creamy, rich and glossy with a beautiful balance of bittersweetness thanks to the tried and true combo of chocolate and coffee. I had two options: go stealth, hide it at the back of the fridge and say nothing (don't put it past me, it's been done before) or do the good wifely thing and share it with my lovely husband - hmmm, what to do, what to do...?

Eventually I reached a compromise with my chocolate loving devil self that went a bit like this:

Me, sweet wifely fashion 'hey look honey, here's a little trial mousse I made (note the singular), want to share it with me?'.

And all the while, secretly stashed away was a second one that was mine, all mine, mwahahahaha!And was I plagued with guilt? Was I ashamed for my deceitful deeds? Was I fuck! All's fair in love and chocolate my friends, especially when it's this good!

But the real beauty is that it's also good for you. With five quality ingredients, all gluten, grain, dairy, refined sugar & generally crap free, there's no need for guilt of any kind!

Get this stuff

1 x 270 ml can Ayam coconut cream 

6 heaped Tbl chia seeds

250 mls hot strong brewed coffee ( I used two long Nespresso shots)

2-4 heaped Tbl cacao or good quality dark cocoa

2-4 Tbl your choice of sweetener - stevia, rice malt syrup, maple syrup, coconut syrup or honey - I used a half rice malt syrup and half stevia

Cacao nibs to top

Do this with it

Pour the hot coffee over the chia seeds and stir gently to start the absorption process, the heat will speed this up and they'll form a thick gel consistency quite quickly. Throw in the fridge to cool and continue to thicken for 15 mins or so.

Toss the soaked chia seeds along with all the other ingredients in the blender and process for a few minutes until it forms a thick smooth mixture then give it an all important taste test.

I've left the cacao and sweetener quantities a bit loose as it all depends on your taste. I like my chocolate flavour dark and bittersweet so I went for max cacao and minimum sweetener but it's your gig so go with what tastes good to you. I suggest starting with 2 Tbl of cacao and sweetener then adjusting from there, it's easy to add more, not so much to take it out!

Once you've got the flavour bitchin' pour the mixture into 4 glasses, bowls, jars or whatever it is you want use but just try to avoid the temptation to just eat the whole damn lot straight out of the blender. Or do. Fuck, who am I to tell you what to do? There's no rules where chocolate's involved!

Now I challenge you to make this then tell me you don't want to keep it all for yourself too!

Enjoy, I'd love to hear what you think and see some pics of your creations.