Bring The Beet Back – Beet & Berry Super Smoothie



Although I’ve always loved eating beetroot I’ve never been much of a fan of the juice. There was a morning years ago when I sat in a friend’s kitchen with a very violent hangover threatening to make my head implode and challenging my ability to remain vertical. Her sweet and well-meaning mother cheerfully made me a beet and carrot juice with the promise it would cure me. Cure it did not. Although I guess emptying my stomach could be considered a remedy of sorts…

It’s taken me some time but I’ve finally overcome my aversion and I have to credit this smoothie recipe with my turnaround. The sweetness of the berries provides the perfect balance to smooth out the earthiness of the beetroot which I find can be a bit pervasive. Also I’m a sucker for pretty food and this isn't just pretty, it's straight up fucking gorgeous thanks to the combination of beets, berries and acai powder that create a stunning vivid red-purple cocktail of goodness. It’s also a great mood booster because it’s pretty much impossible not to be happy when you’re sipping on something this bright and beautiful.

I should add a warning here to save you from a fright the morning after - beetroot stains everything red, and what goes in red is going to come out red. I’ve forgotten this fact on occasion and thrown myself into a panic with the notion I was experiencing some sort of haemorrhaging of internal organs. Just remember the beetroot and breathe.

Get this stuff

100 grams frozen zucchini

80 grams frozen spinach

100 grams frozen beetroot

½ C frozen blueberries or other berries of choice

½ C frozen red or black grapes - if you don't have grapes you can sub in extra frozen berries but the grapes are an excellent way to add a bit of natural sweetness

30 grams/ 1 portion clean protein powder or 1 raw egg for protein

½ C coconut water

½ C almond, cashew or other milk of choice

1 T chia seeds

1 T acai powder – optional but a great antioxidant boost

1 T pysillum – optional but great for fibre and to thicken

1/2 - 1C additional water as required to adjust consistency or you can use cooled herbal or green tea for even more goodness

Topping suggestions: goji berries, coconut flakes, granola, cacao nibs, chopped nuts, seeds, fresh berries or other fruit of choice.

Do this with it

I can’t really make this more complicated than it is; it’s pretty much the same old story, add to blender and puree.Pour into a glass or bowl, add any toppings you fancy or take it straight up and enjoy your breakfast of beauty and healthful bounty.

As always, I’ve specified using frozen fruit and veggies because I love a good thickie but fresh is totally fine too. Your smoothie, your way.