Big Balls & Globes O’ Goodies

Bliss balls, fooze balls, truffles, frisky balls as one friend named them this week…whatever you want to call them, these tasty little globes o’ goodies are one of my snacking staples. With a base of fruit, nuts, coconut and seeds they provide the perfect combination of carbohydrate, protein and healthy fats in one tasty mouthful. I find they’re perfect for a pre-workout energy boost, as an afternoon snack or to satisfy that niggly after meal urge for something that tastes indulgent but isn’t junk.They’re also super easy to make and can easily be adapted to use what you have on hand. I usually start with a base of equal quantities of dry (nuts, coconut and seeds) mixed with sticky (dates, prunes, dried apricots or raisins) then throw tasty things in and see where my imagination, and often my available ingredients, take me. If I’ve got a healthful vibe going on they might be more seedy and fruity or, if I want something that feels a bit more decadent and dessert like, there will almost certainly be a chocolate element involved.The options with these guys are pretty much endless, there’s no rules so let your culinary creativity run wild. Just ask yourself, ‘who’s fucking this cat?’ The answer is you, you’re fucking this cat and you can do it any damn way you please.So, in honour of big balls and cat fucking and guilt free snacking I’m dedicating this week to balls. I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen and selflessly recipe testing, and testing again because of all the selflessness, and damn I’ve come up with some tasty concoctions for you. The quantities per batch I’ve given in these recipes are for teaspoon sized balls of approx. 15 grams each which is a perfect little mouthful, although that all depends on the size of your mouth of course, or how full you like it to be…And now, to get you in the mood, hit play on this salute to Big balls from AC/DC and then hit the kitchen to get your big balls bouncing with the first recipe below.[youtube=] 

Big Balls Recipes

Spirulina & Sesame Superfood Balls
Apricot & Pistachio Truffles
Walnut, Fig & Coffee Protein Truffles